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September 2, 2012
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MH: A Skelly Comic by KPenDragon MH: A Skelly Comic by KPenDragon
Lame title is lame I know ^^;

But this sorta personality for Skellenzie has been in my head from day one. When you think about it, skeletons don’t really have parts, so why does she have boobs? And yes I know, you can tell gender from the pelvic bones, but not many people know how to do that (and I doubt many skeletons would allow strangers to do that) so you’d never know if that cute boney gal in the bar you were chatting up was really a dude or not XDDD So Skelly really points out gender stereotypes like that sometimes (sorta like Ula and Ghoulia trying to show their species aren’t always stereotypical, but Skellz is blunter about it). That and she’s asexual….or should I say “bonesexual” meaning that she has no desire to be with anyone or anything living, undead, or has meat on their bones. Skeletons don’t reproduce like living creatures do, so there’s really no point for it. She might go for a ghost, if the personality meshes, but for the most part Skellenzie has no sexual desires at all.

That being said though, she thinks most girls are idiots. Again, it’s the gender stereotypes thing, and girls flaunting themselves like peacocks trying t get boys to like them. She really doesn’t like Quinn or Nora because of that, but she’s been *coughforcedtocough* warming up towards Quinn a bit, still not like BFFS, but she doesn’t trash her anymore. Nora though is totally fair game. Course she talks smack about anyone overplaying their gender roles, or being drama queens, or attention whores, or whatever, not just them, it’s just those two are sorta part of the group topics ^^; And Grave would make her double dead for thrashing Rika (though boy she’d love to given the chance).

And it doesn’t bare on the comic here…but I actually think Skellenzie is rather tall too…I know bones shrink or compress with all the tissues gone (ok mostly from the lack of joint cartilage and stuff) but I can see her being about 6 feet tall…so even if she was caught talking smack about a girl, they’d be too intimidated to yell at her cause Skellenzie would brawl, not cat fight; just bones means no pain after all.

So yup, degenerates! Oh wait that’s not all…um…oh yeah!

Yes I think for the new school year Grave’ll be a MH student now. He practically was there all the time and never at his old school anyways. So Junior year he’ll transfer, since Luk and Rika are both sophomores when things started.

And Chad! No there isn’t a Chad doll. I’d considered it, using the Gargoyle boy. So think of this like a mockup maybe…thus why he lacks a tail too ^^; And he’s not in scale to height either ^^; he’s really only like 5’ tall I think…he’s a shrimp atm ^^;

Ok now that’s it! Hope you enjoyed the evil text XD

Monster High © Mattel
Grave Robberson, Skellenzie Bonez, Chad Weedsley © me
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JediMasterThylaS Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2012
Maybe we can get Mattel to make a Create-A-Monster parts kit that has a more skeletal torso for Skelly with the upper arms and legs as 'bones'; along with the matching color parts to complete the Design Lab Add-On sets of Mystical and Nocturnal (which could, between the two of them, make 4 more Monsters); and the matching color torso with upper arms and upper legs for the Puma Boy; and more wigs to choose from for all the Create-A-Monsters that need wigs.

At least next year, there will be a skeleton girl in the Travel Set named Skelita Calaveras. And she looks like she has a skeletal torso with upper arms and upper legs as 'bones'.

pixiesera Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Skellenzie, you are too awesome. X3 I don't think Nora would be fond of her either, though Nora doesn't really like anyone. And no one really likes Nora either.
Oh hey, a Chad doll! Even if he is just a manip he looks cool.
KPenDragon Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
i figured as much that Nora wouldn't like her much. but you know they are sorta opposites so it makes sense too :lol: but also yeah no one likes Nora...except Chad...which bugs Skellenzie (course he bugs her anyways cause he's a poser) so whoot!

and like i said i had debated over doing a real one, but if he's that easily manipable i might not ^^; but yes Chad doll XD
pixiesera Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2012  Student Digital Artist
I'm not sure why Chad likes Nora but at least someone does. XD

Well if he's that easy to manip and you're happy with that then sure, just manip him if you need him.
KPenDragon Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
you know, idk either ^^; he thinks she's hott, so i guess we just roll with that? XD;;;

mmm true there. though he lacks his tail then ^^;
pixiesera Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Well she is gorgeous (according to her). XD

I've been thinking though; I've been told by someone that the male narwhals have the horns on their heads, which Nora has, but Nora is female. So I was playing with the idea that Nora was actually male, but then that wouldn't really work out. So maybe she's a hermaphrodite? Or just totally scrap the idea and ignore the horn thing. XD What do you think?

Maybe make a makeshift tail somehow?
KPenDragon Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Eh I'd just ignore the fact, she'd be less recognizable without it. Plus she's a we're anyways normal biology rules don't totally apply...or you know it could be a total fake that she wears just to get attention XDDD but I see no problem just ignoring the fact. Female were lions get to have manes after all. Same deal in my book
pixiesera Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2012  Student Digital Artist
That is true. I'll just ignore it then. X3
KPenDragon Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
yays ^^ glad i was helpful then ^^
GothicKitta Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2012
:giggle: Nice chad manip :giggle: I must say I am liking this personality for Skellenzie too. This amused me. xD
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