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MH: One more night by KPenDragon MH: One more night by KPenDragon
Oh Maroon 5, it seems that every other single you put out I go nuts for ^^;

So this is heavily inspired by both the lyrics and music video. This is Klawvyn, my CaM Puma (yes I drew him with ears). He’s a bit fighter. He apparently is with Purrsephone…she somewhat lives with him during the week. They fight, she can hold her own.

To me, Purrsephone seems like she should have a rougher attitude, more street and sneaky than Meowlody, idk why, it might be the black hair. So I could see her into professional fighting too (Tora needs some muscle for her gang after all, they aren’t a girl group XD;;; plus if they did meet in “the pound” getting arrested for street fighting is a good excuse for why the twins were there), thus how she’d meet Klawvyn…but having a temper to match his too isn’t always a good thing. I know, it’s weird that I want the twins to have personalities that are different from one another-I’m so crazy XD;;;

So basically we see him gearing up for his next fight and either about to start a (hopefully verbal) fight with her, or one just concluded. Marvel at my amazing fail of a background too! WHOOT BATHROOM! XDDD

That’s the pic’s story, I’m not certain if it’ll become a *real* story or not…

Purrsephone © Monster High © Mattel
Klawvyn © me
GothicKitta Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2012
Your not crazy wanting your twins to have different personalities. I went to school with identical twins - one straight and a girly girl and other a gay tomboy. That didn't stop them getting along and sharing the same friends and stuff. :) Besides it's not like Meowlody and Purrsephone have spoken in the webisodes and they share a profile so I think that leaves room for interpretation. ;)

Anyway... looks good. I almost want to start shipping them together. Hehe. I want the puma add on pack but there's point getting him until I have the boy starter pack. xD Kind of hoping he'll get a proper torso and limbs though...
KPenDragon Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Well I sorta meant the "I know I'm crazy" as a joke XDDD but aw yay shipping :lol: it'd be nice if he got a torso too but who knows
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August 12, 2012
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