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October 2, 2011
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MH: Web Bios Canon Friends by KPenDragon MH: Web Bios Canon Friends by KPenDragon
EDIT 11: Added the FCA chars and that rocker chick as requested. I also added an alternate Howleen, seeing as on the site they're using her 13W design not her basic one. So a few icons got shuffle around as a result.

EDIT 10: Grimmily Anne added by request. I also created an alternate Catrine DeMew icon using her latest artwork, in case you're not a fan of her "looking over the shoulder" pose.

EDIT 9: Added Catty Noir, which shifted the Operettas down a row.

EDIT 8: Replaced Scarah and Heath's squares with canon squares. Added Skelita, Jina, Catrine, Gigi, Twyla, and Bloodgood (why does the principal have a bio and yet Gil does not? >>)

EDIT 7: alrighty, I managed to track down some halfway decent pics of the CC bag to snag the Heath image and noticed that the Gill was different too (so's the Slow-Moe but I couldn't get a clear shot of him). I did my best to edit them to look like the others, but they will be replaced if better images are found. I also rearranged everything beause apparently people thought I had "duplicates". So the first three rows are canon/correct squares. The next tworows are the canon/correct squares with custom alternate versions (alt Jack, maskless Octa, seperate Cattwins). The last two rows are custom squares from offical artwork. I kept the SS Gill because it looks better than the CC Bag one imo, but both are offered for now until an offical one comes out. Hope that clears things up for everyone.

EDIT 6: holy wow 6 edits to this since I posted it? Geeze....anyways, added Scarah! YAY SCARAH! Next time I add squares I'll have to do some rearanging it seems ^^;

EDIT 5: added HooDude and Billy just cause I felt like it, and they have offical art and all. blabla replace if they make their can tell i'm bored right now ^^; /EDIT

EDIT 4: icons are now avilable for Venus, Rochelle, and Robecca. I also added a custom Slow-Moe since he has some offical artwork now. I'll swap it out if they give us a real icon later. Hu...Maybe I should've added custom icons for HooDude and Billy too since they have official art too.../EDIT

EDIT 3: Updated Cupid's icon since she has an offical profile now and an offical icon. I didn't do too bad with my crop though ^^; /EDIT

EDIT 2: Added Howleen, and the CatTwins, as well as a set of custom cropped icons for each of them seperately (because they are two seperate people after all), as well as a custom cropped icon for Cupid and Gil; I'll replace them if/when official icons come out. /EDIT

EDIT: Added Octa's "offical square", and rescaled the maskless version so it looked more like the masked version. Also rearranged everyone so the offical/alternate Jackson and Octa squares are beside one another. Now my squre is all rectangular ^^; /EDIT

Hopefully this is an alright category to post these...

Ok, I have a confession; all these web bios I see, one thing that makes me cringe is seeing all the horribly pasted and scaled incorrectly friend pics for the canon cast. I can understand if they don’t have a formal square (like Heath or Gil) but the others? I even get it when it’s an OC, scaling those yourself can be tricky. But really, when you take a rectangle and squish it into the square space :shutter: it turns me off, sorry ^^;

Now I admit, I’m a bit guilty of not using these myself; these are the newest ones (plus 2 extras) so in my web bios interactive I still have the old original set I use and I didn’t realize that until after I was done with my scripting and I ain’t going back to do it now ^^; so next update I too will use these.

Though as I said there are 2 extra ones here. I included the older Jackson image which was his GB look instead of his basic (he was added to the pages before his base art was revealed/he got a page after all) because I know there are some who prefer their Jackson’s not so nerdy (dork does not equal nerd). I also had to create my own Octa (MH!Operetta) square, but once she’s formally introduced on the site I’ll add in her “official” square, but it looks like it fits right in after all, and personally I don’t like her with the mask on, and you know the “official” square will have the mask, so yeah. Also I had an odd number and I liked the square the squares made :lol:

So like my other Web Bio resource(s), feel free to use this, but please credit and/or link to this so others can find it to use to. Yes all I did was cap the site and crop out what I didn’t want to use, thus why it’s a free resource, but linking just helps others find the same tools to use.

I’ve my own file for all my OCs (and others' OCs I've drawn) that are cropped like this, but I’m hesitant to post those…I think it’d be helpful to my friends, but…I don’t really like the idea that other people can use them too…idk maybe I should make it a file then and just give the links to peoples I want to have it…hm….CONCEPT! :lol:

All chars and artwork © Monster High © Mattel
All images taken from
I claim no ownership of anything, other than having the free time to put such a thing together
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